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Sick Sticks is a NYC based project led by multi-instrumentalist/composer Andrew Whitbeck. The debut album, Their debut album, "The Secret to Eternal Life," was released May 31st, 2019. Their live show blends music, comedy and theater with a rotating cast of performers.

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Our album is available to stream. If you want a digital download, there are three options:

1. Bandcamp
More expensive for you and I only get ~85% of sales. Lame.

2. PayPal me $6.66 and leave a note with your email address. It's cheaper for you and I get ~97% of sales. Dope.

3. Donate to the Sick Sticks GoFundMe for the Ocean Conservancy. It's a minimum donation of $10 and I get 0% of it but it goes toward a great charity that needs money more than I do. Plus, you get stickers. Mad dope.

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Photo: Amanda Kaye, 2017